The following article appeared in the May 2001 issue of Richland Citybeat, a newsletter published for employees of the City of Richland, WA

Three generations plan 2001-mile bike adventure

By Rose Locati

Joe Lettau is embarking on a cross-country adventure this month. Joe works as a contact employee in Electrical Engineering and Public Works.

Joe leaves early next week with his grandfather, Ken Lettau, and his uncle, Randy Lettau, to bicycle to Wisconsin for his grandfather's 50th high school reunion. The three men decided to bike 2001 miles in 2001. To reach their mileage goal, they have already biked from North Bend to Richland. When they leave here, they will bike through Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. They plan to average 70 miles per day on their 30-day trip. Their trail has already traversed the Cascade Mountains and will take them through the Rocky Mountains.

Joe's grandfather has overcome other obstacles. In 1998, he was found to have fast-acting prostate cancer. After a successful operation, his cancer readings all but disappeared for more than a year before showing a rapid rise. Last year, Ken underwent 34 radiation treatments and started continuing hormone therapy. Presently, the treatments are keeping his readings tolerable. He, his son and grandson are determined to reach their destination.

The Lettaus have a web site where you can track their daily progress through photographs and notes. It's at

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